Workplace Security Checklist

Richard L. Soloway, chairman of NAPCO Security Systems, Inc., (NASDAQ: NSSC),, created the following workplace security checklist for businesses large and small.



ARE THE PREMISES BRIGHT INSIDE AND OUT? – 65% of non-residential burglaries occur during the nighttime. Be sure to light all exterior points of entry with permanent fixtures that are difficult to reach or be tampered with. Light the interior of your business enough that someone outside the building could see someone inside.


ARE YOU FENCED IN? – If your business is in a suburban or rural area, install a fence or hedge – it's your first line of defense.

a. You should be able to see through the fence.
b. Hedges should be wide, rather than high, and of a prickly, thorny variety.


DO YOU HAVE WINDOW LOCKS? – Install window locks designed and positioned so they cannot be reached and unlocked after breaking the glass.

4. DO YOU HAVE SAFETY GLASS? – Safety glass (glazing) is highly effective at deterring break-ins.
5. DOES YOUR OFFICE ALARM YOU? – Install entry-protecting alarms to detect the breaking of windows and opening of doors. Also, have "call for help" buttons installed in case of emergency.
6. CAN YOU DETECT MOTION? – Installing motion detectors to sense movement inside the building to catch prowlers in the act.


Install point protectors (such as pressure-switch mats) to detect when someone enters a restricted area, such as by a cash register.
The best point protection is installing an electronic access control system to restrict unauthorized people from going into areas where they shouldn't be.
8. ARE YOUR LOCKS DEADBOLTED? – Install a deadbolt lock/latch in each exterior door for another layer of security.

ARE YOUR DOORS PADLOCKED? – Lock overhead and receiving doors with high-quality padlocks.


DO YOU HAVE A CLOSED-CIRCUIT TELEVISION SYSTEM? – Your employees are 15 times more likely to steal from you than your customers. Be sure to:

Screen employees before hiring them – it's the best defense against internal theft.
Never have fewer than two people close up at night.
Have all keys distributed to employees engraved with the words "Do Not Duplicate," or even better, install push button or I.D. card operated electric locks. The best locks have a separate I.D. code for each employee. So, if an employee leaves you can easily remove them from the system instead of having to re-key the locks and hand out new keys.
Watch for warning signs – employees who:
  i. Are living beyond their means
ii. Habitually violate company policies
iii. Have a substance abuse problem.
iv. Are chronic liars
v. Seem immature or troubled
vi. May have cause to feel wronged