Child Safety Checklist



Instruct children never to walk away with strangers. Teach kids not to talk to strangers in person, on the computer and never to give out personal information. It is better to be cautious, than to be polite.


Teach kids to make a scene. If a stranger tries to grab them, teach children to make a scene; kick, yell, and scream loudly that the person grabbing them isn't their parent


Teach children that stranger's lie. Teach kids not to believe a stranger saying, "Can you help me find my puppy, or come here and see the puppies I have," - or something to this effect, this may just be a way for a stranger to try and lure kids over to them.

4. Teach children at a young age to know their full names, addresses and phone numbers. Also teach children not to give out their information to strangers, but if they get lost that they can tell a police officer.
5. Show your children how to dial 911. Explain to them that it is for emergencies only, (and give examples of emergencies), and if they ever got lost they can call 911. Also teach children how call long distance from a home phone and from a phone booth and show them that they can also dial "0" for the operator.
6. Children's computers should be monitored. Monitoring a child's computer should be done on a very consistent basis to see who they are chatting with and what websites they are going to. This could help prevent a predator from getting to an individual child. Also putting the computer in the family room or kitchen will help cut down on where kids go on the web.

Do not let kids go anywhere alone. A trusted adult should supervise young children if the parent cannot, and older kids should go places with friends.

8. Teach children to know their surroundings. Whether moving into a new neighborhood or having lived there for a few years, make sure your children know the surrounding streets and point out landmarks to them. For older kids make sure they have a decent map of their neighborhood to keep in their book bags.
9. Don't let strangers in the house. Young children should not be answering the front door, but if they get to it first teach them to ask whom it is, and to please wait a moment so they can get a parent. And keep the doors locked at all times.
10. Install a home security system, if you haven't done so already.