Hotel Security Checklist

September 11th changed the way many of us think and act about travel. This heightened sense of security awareness keeps many road warriors on their toes – especially when staying in hotels. According to Dick Soloway, noted security expert and chairman of NAPCO Security Systems, Inc., "While many hotels across the nation have stepped up security training and operations as a result of terrorism, acting as your own security guard may be a traveler's best defense."

Security Tips Every Hotel Guest Should Know by Dick Soloway of Napco Security Systems, Inc.:



Opt for the best accommodations you can afford – top hotels combine professionally delivered, unobtrusive security (e.g., electronic card access) with tasteful esthetics.


Request accommodations on upper floors, which are less vulnerable to burglary.


Always stay with luggage and consider using the bellman.

4. Keep valuables out of sight. Don't leave traveler's checks, cash or other valuables in plain sight.
5. Give the impression your "in" even when you're not. The "Do Not Disturb" sign is a great tactic to use to limit access to your room. Also, leaving the television or radio on will give the impression the room is occupied.
6. Keep confidential information to yourself. Don't put your home address on your luggage tags, it's better to use your business address and phone number.
7. Make sure your door closes, locks securely and shows no signs of tampering.

Know who it is you are opening the door for, use the peephole for security to identify visitors.


If you arrive back to your hotel room after dark, leave a light on for your return.