Holiday Safety Checklist



Do not carry around large amounts of cash. Credit cards, debit cards and even travelers checks are a safer way to shop.


Notify your credit card issuer immediately, if your card is stolen, misused or lost.


Use an ATM inside a busy, well-lit location and withdraw only the amount you need. Protect and shield your PIN, don't throw away your receipt at the ATM location, and don't "flash your cash."

4. Don't carry a purse or wallet, if possible. Carry cash in an inside front pocket or a purse in front of you.
5. Be aware of your surroundings - Stay alert at all times.
6. Carry a charged cell phone for added security.

Park and drive smart. Avoid driving alone at night on quiet, dark roads. Park close to a well lit entrance and take note of what parking area the car is in. Make sure the car is running properly and has enough fuel.

8. Shop with a friend or family member. Try to shop with someone for added safety.
9. Don't overload yourself with packages. Store them in the trunk or cover them.
10. Beware of suspicious people in or out of a store and report any odd behavior to authorities.
11. Ask for a mall security escort especially in the dark or when the car is parked far away.
12. Shop online if possible. Be sure to have packages delivered to the home when someone is there to bring them inside. Do not leave out on the porch or in a hallway in a building for a thief to steal.