Identity Theft Safety Checklist



Limit the amount of credit cards and checks you use. Notify your credit card issuer immediately, if your card is stolen, misused or lost.


Use debit cards carefully. When using a debit card for payment or a monetary withdrawal, cover the keypad when entering the pin number and be sure to place your debit card securly back in one's wallet or purse. Do not leave receipts behind.


Purchase a paper and credit card shredder. In addition to documents containing any personal information, discard all pre-approved credit card and loan applications. This protects against "dumpster diving", where criminals rummage through your trash.

4. Store valuable records consisting of any personal information in a safe and secure place such as a lock box or even better, outside your home in a safe deposit box. Don't carry them around.
5. Deposit mail in U.S. Postal Service collection boxes (instead of your mailbox). Promptly remove mail from your mailbox - Don't leave it in your mailbox overnight or on weekends.
6. Do not give out personal information. While shopping a clerk may ask you for one's home phone number - do not give out this personal information. Kindly decline even if the clerk says it is for surveying purposes only.

Watch out for con artists disguising themselves. Do not give out credit card information, social security numbers, date of birth, mother's maiden name, etc. to telemarketers -- they could be con artists.

8. Install a home alarm system from NAPCO's residential security products, as the first line of defense. This will protect your home, valuables, and personal information from a bulglary. In addition, if you become suspicious of a babysitter, cleaning service or other service people, install NAPCO's VCAM to remotely video-monitor your home.