Richard Soloway in the News

  Parents Magazine
Budget Ways to Keep Your Home Safe
  The Clarion-Ledger
"No-brainer tips to protect your home" by Kent Steinreide
  The Ashbury Park Press
"Vacation Time is prime time for home burglaries" by Kent Steinreide
  The Miami
"House-peekers" by Patti Roth
  Fort Worth Star-Telegram
"A Security Blanket for Greece" by Dave Montgomery
  Green Bay Press Gazette
"How to keep burglars out of your house" by Kent Steinreide
  The Cincinnati Enquirer
"Home burglaries snowball in summer" by Kent Steinreide
  Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
"The Skinny on Housing"
  The News-Journal
"Drive burglars away from your unoccupied home" by Kent Steinriede
  The Oklahoman
"Oklahomans committed to Athens trip" by Jenni Carlson
  St. Paul Pioneer Press
"Technology makes snooping a snap" by Julio Ojeda-Zapata
  Business Week
"Napco Could Make A Haul With This Alarm Gizmo" by Gene G. Marcial
"The perils of expanding in the Mideast" by A.J. Carter
  Khaleej Times (UAE and Region)
"NAPCO selects Dubai for Gulf Operation"
  Gulf News (International)
"NAPCO Opens New East Branch"
  The New York Times
"Napco Announces Stock Split" by Warren Strugatch
"Napco Security announces a 2-for-1 stock split"
"Mighty Mites Sizing Small-Cap"
"Napco stock to benefit from ADT deal"
  Palm Beach Cottages & Gardens
"Security Briefing – Stay in touch with your home even when far away" by Lockhart Steele
  The Robb Report Collection
"Safe at Home – Baby boomers, take note. Your smart house will soon be taking care of you." By Robyn A. Friedman
  Long Island Business News
"Who's Who in Security – Richard Soloway"
  Voice of America ( &
"Cell Phone Cameras Become Popular, but Controversial Trend" by Ted Landphair
  The Buffalo News
"Banning cell phone cameras" by Lisa Haarlander
"Gaining In The New Year"
"NAPCO IQ profiler" by Bob Kane
"NAPCO 2-Way Universal LCD Key Fob and Receiver" by Bob Kane
  The Philadelphia Inquirer
"Retailers keeping close eye on employee theft" by Greta Guest
  The Oregonian
"Staffers steal more than shoplifters, survey finds" by Greta Guest
  Rutland Herald
"Employee theft biggest problem for retailers" by Greta Guest
  Chicago Tribune
"Shoplifting peaks during holidays" edited by Lara Weber and Alberto Trevino
  Bradenton Herald
"Stores lose more to sticky-fingered workers" by Greta Guest
"Retailers keeping close tabs on employees during holidays as shoplifting peaks" by Greta Guest
  Chicago Tribune
"'Tis the season to be secure" by John I. Adkins Jr.
  Detroit Free Press
"Store Thieves Grab $53 Billion – Workers take more than the shoplifters" by Greta Guest
  The Courier Journal
"Keeping Your Latchkey Kid Safe – High-tech devices can't substitute for clear rules and straight talk" by Katya Cengal
  The Wall Street Journal
"Homeland Security – High-Tech Style" by Lauren Mechling
  The Record
"The shift to ‘smart home' systems" by Abigail Leichman
  The Record
"Preventing burglary while you're on vacation" by Abigail Leichman
"Top 100 Public Companies"
"Concrete zoo animals latest in security barricades" by Wei Gu
  The Tampa Tribune
"Odds & Ends: Tip of the Week" by B.C. Manion
"Shedding Light on Security Issues" by Gary Dymski
  Chicago Tribune
"Is it safe for you to surf at work? More employers watch Web usage" by Laurie Willis
  The Detroit News
"Employers increase monitoring of
workers’ Web usage" by Laurie Willis/ The Baltimore Sun
  The Sun
"Plugged In: Watched at Work" by Laurie Willis
  The Hartford Courant
"The Panic Room; Safe Rooms Have Multiplied Amid Terrorism Fears" by Liz Michalski
  Entertainment Weekly
"Oscar 2003 – Safety Dance" by Brian Hiatt
  The Hollywood Reporter
"Oscar taking no chances; Security tighter than '02; plans secret" by Paul Bond
  The Edmonton Sun
"Workplace Monitoring Hits New High" by Stephanie Armour, Sun News Services
  United Press International
"More Company Surveillance" by Alex Cukan
  USA Today
"More workplaces keep an eye, and ear, on employees" by Stephanie Armour
  The New York Times
"Napco's Profits Rise" by Warren Strugatch
  The Washington Post
"Invisible, but Deadly – Carbon Monoxide Is a Winter Threat" by Gene J. Koprowski
  National Underwriter
"How To Prepare For ‘Soft Terrorism'" by Caroline McDonald
  News 12 Long Island
NAPCO Security Systems featured
  KFCJ Radio, Sioux City, IO
30-minute interview on homeland security
  Business Week
"Napco Helps Keep The Homeland Safe" by Gene Marcial

Long Island Business News
"New NAPCO system offers school security" by Ken Schachter


National Underwriter
"Prepare For 'Soft Terrorism,' RMs Advised" by Caroline McDonald


"Securing Hope For An LI Tech Windfall" by A.J. Carter


Business Week
"Napco Helps Keep the Homeland Safe" By Gene Marcial


Crain's New York Business
"Safety pays for trio of local firms" by John Harrington


International Herald Tribune
Lights, Siren and More: New York Fights Crime


New York Times
"On Unmean Street, Thumbs Will Work as Crime Busters" by Blaine Harden
"Forget the Mace - Manhattan block gets thumb-activated alarm, system"


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